As in line with current market practise we find that the majority of Professional Developers where “feasible” order all the bathroom products specified for a particular contract direct with one Specialist Contract Supplier such as (Insignia Interiors Group) and do not place individual orders for individual “Bathroom Products” direct with either Manufacturers, Importers, Distributors, Builders Merchants or Showroom Retailers due to First: the overall purchase and cost benefits of placing one multiple order with one specialist supplier, Second: the saving on internal  company manpower and administration costs, Third: importantly them having to organise direct deliveries to site of the Bathroom Products in a form, quantity and date to meet their on  site development programme.  Developers do not want and will not accept their goods “Bathroom Products” being “Drip Fed” to site in unspecified quantities and on unscheduled dates by non-specialised transport/carriers.


We offer our Professional Developer Clients a unique and specialised warehouse and distribution system whereas all individual manufactured bathroom products where feasible are delivered to our warehouse in Doncaster where they are received, unpacked, inspected for both quantity, specification, quality or damage, and after approval they are repackaged, boxed, palletised, strapped, shrink wrapped and stored waiting delivery to meet the clients’ specific on site development programme. The Bathroom Products are then delivered by our transport or via appointed transport/carrier that specialises in the delivery of Fragile Goods direct to the clients’ UK Project/Development Site.

By adopting the above strict warehouse and distribution procedure we ensure that when all the “Bathroom Products” leave our warehouse and arrive on the specific development site they are fit for purpose and can be installed without any delays to the development programme caused by the delivery/receipt on site of either the incorrect quantity, specification, inferior quality or damaged goods. It is important to note that due to our company’s “Unique” strategy and strict diligence as detailed above we continue to be successful in winning NEW CLIENT supply contracts and therefore continue to develop and grow our company.


We as a company are fully aware of the importance that maintained scheduled deliveries of goods are to the on-going development programme and daily operation of on-site installation operatives on all developments/projects.

Our Company’s team therefore includes “Senior Personnel” with previous experience and first-hand knowledge in both “Property Development” & “Transport Logistics” and therefore we continually on a daily basis draw on this experience and knowledge to both advise and assist our clients in both of these important matters to ensure that their development/project in terms of the overall services provided by this company meets their specific requirements and expectations.

If the specific development/project requires either multiple, full project, staged, or individual unit deliveries we will deliver the goods to meet your specific development/project or programme requirements.

Our clients are secure in the knowledge that the delivery service we provide ensures safe and timely deliveries of their goods direct to their specific project/development as goods are delivered by our own transport or via our appointed carriers all of which are specialists in the delivery of Fragile Goods and are electronically tracked and can be traced throughout the delivery process therefore we are always in a position to identify and solve any problems that may arise during the delivery process.

Please note that all deliveries (unless otherwise specified by the client) will be delivered by a one man delivery service, so please ensure that assistance is available at the delivery address if required. For palletised deliveries, the goods will be delivered as close as possible to your development/project main entrance.  If this location is unreachable for any reason, such as restricted zones,  narrow street, restricted  access  or any other obstruction, we will endeavour to ensure that the delivery will be made as near to your development/project as possible.

On all deliveries, the driver is not insured to take the goods inside the buildings within your development/project therefore it is strongly recommended that at least 2 x able bodied persons are available to receive palletised deliveries.

Once the delivery date for your goods and specific development has been confirmed, you will be contacted by one of our customer service team that will discuss and agree the specific delivery in full detail with your personal and our team are on hand at all times to assist on all matters and to ensure that your development/project in terms of the overall services provided by this company meets your specific requirements and expectations.


We offer an International (World Wide) Shipping Service (which incorporates all the warehouse and distribution services as detailed for the UK) for all the Bathroom Products listed & included within our company Web Site to our overseas Professional Clients to meet their specific Project/Contract requirements and confirm that all our appointed specialist international freight carriers (Land – Sea – Air) offer a first class tracked direct to site service.


Alternatively for International Deliveries we shall as requested deliver the goods direct to the clients appointed Shipping Agent, Carrier or Contractor at their designated UK Air, Sea or Rail Port ready for shipment direct to the client’s final destination!

Our vision at INSIGNIA INTERIORS GROUP (UK) Ltd “jointly with our associated companies” is to become the prominent provider to the “PROFESSIONAL SECTOR” of Luxury, Designer, Bespoke, Modern, Contemporary, Minimalistic, Traditional and Contract:  Bathroom, Bathing and Showering Products in the UK